How we work


  1. Receipt of order: Orders from customer will be received from three sources i.e. online portal, upload of PO or email. All orders received from the customer before 12 p.m. will be counted for same day dispatch. As all orders will be based on our online portal, orders will be printed and taken into account to create Delivery Challan
  2. Combine all orders: Every order may require sourcing from different distributors located in the market. So, all received orders will be segregated based upon requirement from the distributor and different grouping would be done by the dispatch team
  3. Collect goods: Our ground staff will be responsible to collect goods based on order. Our team will start collect all goods by 3:30 pm and will complete the collection latest by 5:00 pm.
  4. Quality check: All received goods will be tested for quality with aspect to breakage of item, quantity as mentioned in the delivery challan, packaging of fragile goods and labeling of goods.
  5. Pack goods: Based on the order, all goods will be packed for the customer upon receipt of goods. After packaging, goods will be marked as QC checked. The delivery challan will be printed and packed along with goods.
  6. Dispatch goods: The goods will leave the premises not later than 6:00 pm which will ensure ease in the operation and reach of goods at the transport service. Upon receipt of the Lorry Receipt details, it will be updated in the portal which will trigger an email to the customers’ registered email ID.