Why Us

WHITE.TOOLS is a step to help Indian companies build quality products while reducing the manufacturing (production) cost. This will increase local consumption and make local goods available at a competitive price with regards to our international competitors. We aim to make India self-sufficient and build a strong nation. In our endeavor to do so, we stand out from others with the following aspects:

Single window solution: WHITE provides industries a platform to buy all consumable goods using a single window. We aim to reduce the time taken to manage multiple vendors and thereby increase productivity.

Lowest possible cost: WHITE has been built with an intention to bring transparency of rates in consumables goods which has been missing for so long. We provide the lowest possible cost to industries as we have direct access to authorized distributors.

Fastest delivery: We, at WHITE understand that production should be uninterrupted. To enable this, we provide 1 working day dispatch solution to our clients. We strive for speed in our delivery and dispatch process.

Customized products: All clients are special to us and so are their requirements. Hence, along with standard consumable goods, we also support them on making customized products which are hard to find and have customized/ special dimensions.

No dependency: At WHITE, we do not depend on any seller to dispatch the product. Located at the heart of the city, we have direct access to them and hence our clients does not have to bear delivery charges for different products from different locations. We work on our clients behalf and send the goods from our warehouses. This helps in reducing the delivery time and also the shipping cost.

Easy to order: Keeping our clients’ requirement in mind, we have built a very easy to access portal. We have also provided multiple options of placing order i.e. through website, upload of Purchase Order (PO) or sending email. Our special BUILD ORDER option is as easy as typing an email or writing in excel. Our BUILD ORDER option work with suggestive search and auto calculation of price.

Credit facility: With over three decades of experience, we also acknowledge the fact that industrial procurement is not done using Credit Cards or Cash on Delivery. So, we provide credit to our registered customers and make them  less worried about cash to purchase goods. As we do not ask for any finance information on our website, the PRIVACY of the organization is also not at risk.