Industrial Chemicals

  • CRC 2-26 Power Spray

    320.00 275.00 +GST
    • CRC 2-26 is a Electrical Contact Cleaner. CRC 2-26 is a multi-purpose maintenance spray for electrical equipment preventing electrical and electronic malfunction caused by water penetration, humidity, condensation or corrosion.
    • The stable, low surface tension, high capillary action formula provides great penetrating and spreading power. CRC 2-26 is a Electrical Contact Cleaner, which Displaces Moisture, removes Carbon Deposits & Oxidation from Electrical Contacts.
  • Fischer FIS V 360 S

    970.00 870.00 +GST

    The versatile injection mortar for anchorings in non-cracked concrete and masonry

    • Styrene-Free
    • Quick curing
    • High Performance hybrid morter
    • Contains vinylester and cement
  • Waxpol Grease AP-3

    311.00 240.00 +GST

    Quantity: 1 Kg.

    Waxpol All Purpose Grease is a premium grease incorporated with different type of additive which imparts excellent oxidation, extreme pressure, and antirust properties

  • WD-40

    90.00225.00 +GST
    • Unique size for Industrial use
    • Traditional spray nozzle
    • Thousands of uses