Our Team

  • Founder: Yusuf Vankanerwala – B.Com (Hon), 40+ years of Industry Experience. Expertise and knowhow of all kinds of tools and equipment needed by the industry. He acts as an expert in sourcing of goods to make it available at the best possible cost. His connections with authorised distributors and a strong network makes the delivery process faster and easier.
  • Execution Thinker: Quaidjohar V – B. E. (Electronics), Business and Strategy Consultant with over 10 years of experience in diverse industry sectors like FMCG, engineering, automotive, pharmaceuticals, logistics, freight, banking & finance, etc. acts as a thinker to implement the business idea. His experience in strategy and implementation helps creating business processes that derive maximum value to the customer. He is also the epicentre of the business that connects different business operations that work together for seamless operations
  • Operation Thinker: Jose M – B. Com, MBA (Operations), with over 12 years of experience in operation execution acts as the backbone in the organization to create customer centric process for error free and on-time execution. His expertise in executing day to day operations helps in guiding the workforce to exceed customer expectation.
  • Marketing Thinker: Sam H – B.Com, MBA (Marketing), with over 17 years of experience in marketing and brand building acts as an innovator of new ideas to reach the customer. He directs WHITE on how to increase the market reach and build client base. His revolutionary thinking on maintaining customer relationship and brand building will make us a world class brand
  • Technical Genuis: Juzer K – A decade spent in the industry with detailed product and spares knowledge he brings in the rich expertise of providing the best solution to clients. His technical understanding of products in various sections like power tools, cutting tools, abrasives, and hand tools helps enhance the product portfolio and provide new and best solutions to our clients