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Bosch Armature (GWS 6-100)

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Bosch original replacement parts developed and manufactured together with your power tool.

They fulfill the same criteria and pass the same tests as parts used in production

655.00 585.00 +GST

Product No 1 604 010 626
Description 106,569; Armature
DIN-Text 220-240V

Original Armature

  1. Correct insulation: The best protection due to clean and complete insulation.
  2. Perfect balance: Less vibration and long lifetime due to optimized balancing using factory processes.
  3. Precise windling: High Overall stability and lifetime due to precise automated armature winding and cleanly guide protective bands.
  4. High-quality commutator: Maximum power yield and longer brush life due to optimized commutator.
  5. Safe cut-out: Additional protection when the wear limit is reached before grater damage can occur.
  6. Perfect carbon pressing & optimized composition: For reduce abrasion and extended lifetime.
  7. Surface groves: For quick “run-in” of brushes and reduced spark formation.
  8. Contoured surface edges: Easy insertion, a perfect fit and maximum contact hanks to optimized shape of the edges.


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